About NeuEon

“If it doesn’t add value, it’s waste.”

Henry Ford

For over a decade, we have helped clients like Panera Bread, Ken’s Foods and Park Assist maximize technical investments, optimize performance, and achieve operational excellence.  Our hands-on guidance and passion for positive change and impact has earned us longstanding client relationships – our greatest achievement.

Our clients are modernizing their technologies, choosing platforms that can grow and scale at the rate they need, and becoming more efficient every day.

“There’s a way to do it better – find it.”

Thomas Edison

When you hire an advisory firm, you expect an expert’s perspective on your challenges.  You expect they will help you understand how to work through the issues and challenges at hand.

At NeuEon, we take this expectation three steps further.

Models, methodologies, and theories don’t get companies to the next level.  People do.  You need clear, actionable advice and solutions that are unique to your business.  Our transparent, collaborative, and pragmatic way of working is based on what we’ve seen work (and not work).

It’s not our style to share recommendations and leave you to figure out how to make it happen.  We’ve seen too many consulting companies share powerful strategic advice that fails two weeks into implementation.  We work alongside you every step of the way to ensure you experience the positive change you desire.

Our experts are always thinking about your organization’s bigger picture.  If there’s a disconnect between a technology implementation and your KPIs, it’s our job to raise a flag and get you back on the right track.

How can we help you on your journey to growth?

Core Values 

Every one of our team members embody these core values – values our clients exhibit as well.


We understand trust is earned and built by delivering value. It is critical when choosing a new team member and advisor.


We embrace challenges with passion, believe we can bring positive change and share a ‘can do’ attitude that is infectious.


We consistently seek to design and utilize a set of proven methodologies to achieve predictable results.


Inspiring and achieving change requires the ability to adapt and pivot quickly without losing momentum.


Client relationships are symbiotic. Open, honest, and transparent is encouraged and expected.

See how our capabilities have helped our clients succeed.